Monopoly Risk Taker Poster

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You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Play.

Monopoly Risk Taker Premium Matte Poster Progress is never safe; risk always plays a part.

Leaders separate themselves by being the ones who are willing to take risks.

You can’t steal second base with your foot on first base. Take the Risk or Lose the Chance, the Choice is always up to you.

from Vice X Virtue Posters Monopoly Collection.

Double Sided Scotch Tape

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How's it hangin?

The first step to adding some life to your walls is done! You've picked out the art that speaks to you most, but you have one last decision to make. How will you showcase it? Slap some double sided tap on it and call it a day, or REALLY drop jaws with one of our beautiful frames? The choice is yours, and we've made it as easy as possible for you to make it!

24 x 36 Inch Poster Frame | Hanging Hardware Included

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Key Features Museum Grade paper

Vice X Virtue Posters are printed on high-quality, acid-free poster paper.
Our Premium Matte finish allows superb image quality without the unnecessary
glare commonly associated with high gloss posters. Each poster arrives in a protective tube ready to be hung.
US orders ship via Priority Mail. International orders are shipped via standard mail

Museum grade paper is known to be archival, which means it can be stored for a long time without turning yellow
Bright and intense colors for your desired design that will not fade when exposed to sunlight regularly
Posters can be hung with double-sided tape, tacks, or frame

Care Instructions

If the poster gathers any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

* 175 GSM fine art paper * Multiple sizes * Matte finish * For indoor use * Frame Not Included

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