Vice x Virtue Posters Rebrand to Vice x Virtue NFTs

Vice x Virtue Posters Rebrand to Vice x Virtue NFTs

Vice x Virtue NFTs


What nft mean

Helping artists and their customers bridge the gap between digital and physical. All of us has seen a piece of art at one point in our life that we’ll remember forever. Whether it was a happy piece of art or a sad piece, it touched you. It implanted itself in your brain and for some reason, you can probably remember how it made you feel more than you could remember every detail.My point the more senses we art to touch the more powerful that art becomes, and I don’t know about you but I don’t want any weak ass art.




There’s no denying a digital future and that is a great thing for artists!

what nft mean


The caveat for a lot of us however is that awkward digital divide between physical art and jpegs. Some of us only want to deliver digital art, and there's Nothing wrong with that at all. I do think however there will always be a want for art that can appeal to all of our senses! To create something that can be touched, held, and displayed in someone's physical world is something I love creating as an artist, I'm not at all saying I'm against creating NFTs (I love them!) but I love physical art as well. The caveat to physical art however is the difficulty in trading, verification process, storage, etc… With Vice X Virtue you get the best of both worlds.

What you get:
A Physical 24x36 beautiful printed canvas.
A high-quality digital download 300 DPI.
A Free NFT sent to a digital wallet of your choice.


what nft mean

How to invest into NFTs

Owning this NFT not only gives you the right to flex your new art online, It is also an investment. So if you’ve been wondering how you were going to invest in NFTs, then this is the perfect starting point for you. You not only get something physical you can keep, you also get a free NFT. A digital piece of art you can sell, or trade, if trading NFTs is your thing. Commercial rights travel with the free NFT, granting its current holder commercial rights to that image, opening tons of potential for its owner to capitalize on their free NFT. This is a great beginner's option for anyone who loves art and is curious about investing in NFTs. You don’t have to spend an insane amount on expensive NFTs, and still have the ability to take part in the NFT community.


what nft mean

You don’t have to buy expensive NFTs for large returns.

Quite a few very profitable NFT projects started out as either giveaways or a joke and walked away with a large profit by taking the time to learn how to invest in NFTs. The NFT space is growing exponentially and doesn’t have any signs of slowing down. Art, profile pictures, and play-to-earn gaming are all different forms of NFTs (niches). As time goes on what's considered to be the Best NFT projects, or the best NFT marketplace will change dramatically. Some niches will stay, and some will go but NFTs as a technology will not go anywhere. In fact, NFTs are likely to make their way into every business sector and niche as time goes on. So when people ask me if they should invest in NFTs, or how to make money with NFTs my first answer is always the same “Only buy something you love!” Worst case scenario you are stuck with a piece of art that you love! If you purchase something you hate to look at, you would be a whole lot less happy if you also found out that it was worthless. Once you’ve decided that you like the art, and it is within your price range it's wise to see if there is a want for the NFTs you’re thinking about purchasing. Does the art look like quality work? Is the artist public and viewable or a ghost on the web? These are all things to consider when learning how to invest into NFTs. Remember just because someone is selling expensive NFTs does not mean that the NFT will resell for that same amount. If your goal is to resell and not keep your NFTs do your due diligence when searching for the best NFT project for your taste.


Creating NFTs

Vice x Virtue is not just for the collector. It’s also for the creator, made by a creator. Currently, our store only features one artist but as time progresses our goal is to make an environment that is as equally welcoming to artists and collectors. There are a million people out there claiming to have the best NFT projects, and with so much noise it can be hard to decide which lanes are actually gaining traction, and which are just ticking time bombs. As an artist who’s looking to create their first NFT collection that could feel pretty daunting especially if you yourself don’t understand how to invest into NFTs. That being said a lot of artists have understandable reservations when it comes to creating NFTs. Vice x Virtue's goal is to help create a happy medium between art-loving people who want to try out the NFT space with no risk or initiation fees. As an artist, You receive commission and credit for each piece you sell as well as having your work minted on the blockchain. Just like that, you’re an NFT artist. As the customer you not only receive a beautifully printed 24x36” canvas exclusive to Vice x Virtue, you also receive a free NFT that you can choose to sell, keep or trade at zero cost to you. We cover the gas for you and send your free NFT to the wallet address of your choice, and just like that the customer is officially an NFT collector. Creating NFTs isn't necessarily a complicated process, however it does require an initial investment. An investment that some of us may not have, and that's ok because you don’t need it. Vice x Virtue has already paid the fees to start transferring NFTs.

what nft mean

NFT Photography 

In order to understand the different types of NFTs there are you need to understand what an NFT is. There are millions of articles and videos out there already so I’m not going to go too deep on the topic but ill do a quick overview. NFTs or “Non Fungible Tokens” are digital contracts proving the ownership of a certain “thing” whether it is a profile picture of a pixelated person or a beautifully orchestrated piece of music. Whatever the thing is, the contract (NFT) will prove who owns it, when it was bought, how much it was bought for, and how many there are in the world. This is extremely valuable to all parties for many reasons. Now that we have a general understanding of what NFTs are I want to talk about the different types of NFTs. NFTs can technically be anything. We’ll use Photography as an example. Vice x Virtue offers each of its customers a free NFT of the art they purchase on our site. As a photographer, you could sell an NFT that grants its holder one free shoot year or commercial rights to your photo. NFT photography is not an if but a when. As a photographer who understands both photographers as well as NFTs, this technology is an amazing thing. It’s not a fad, It’s not something to hate or fear. Im a photographer who wants to see other photographers succeed and NFT photography is going to be Godsend for us in the coming future. Who knows, maybe one of you reading this article will create some amazing new blockchain technology for us photographers. Everyone knows we love our tech, we adapt and we understand technology and creativity. This makes us the perfect candidate for the next NFT bull run. People are looking to see what photographers are going to do with this. Musicians, painters, and designers alike have begun to flood the NFT space with badass technology focused on their niche. I believe as the hype dies down from the profile picture craze (crypto punks, bored apes etc..) that people will require more than just a picture. They will want their NFTs to do something. Unlock never-before-seen content, allow them backstage to meet the creator etc. I truly believe that this won’t just become a thing in the space, I believe it will become the norm, and any NFT without some type of utility will get looked at like the stinky kid in class.I’ve been doing photography for 13 years and have had my work ripped off, clients not pay, all the regular fun stuff most photographers go through starting art. NFTs create a way for photographers to protect themselves and their work, just like a copyright but much easier to track. It’s as easy as getting on the computer and checking yourself where a piece of art originated from and who has owned it in the past. The ability to see who has owned a product in the past can add substantial value alone. Let me paint a scenario for you. You post sweatband that Greg from accounting wore to the gym on eBay. It’s pretty likely you’re not going to sell Gregs old sweatband. Now lets take that same sweatband, same brand color etc… But pretend this time it was Michael Jordans sweatband. Now juust because Jordan touched it, it became more valuable. But proving he touched could definitely be a difficult task. Lets pretend that same sweatband had an NFT attached to it. Then it would be undeniable that Jordan did in fact did own that sweatband at one time. Yea I know pretty gross analogy but I got tired of hearing Mona Lisa analogies. If you are a photographer and don’t want to not be playing catch up in a few years I strongly encourage you to learn about NFT photography, because time and technology are looking at us next. Once people understand that an NFT doesn’t have to be a monkey with rabies to be valuable is when things will get even more interesting! Fellow photographers this is a good thing , learn your shit and get ahead of the curve with NFT photography.

 what nft mean

How To Make Money with NFTs

As time goes on we will be looking for designers, photographers, painters etc.. to join us as we grow in the NFT space. There will be limited spots for artists so reach out as soon as possible if creating NFTs peaks your interest. NFTs have created massive amounts of opportunity for tons of people, not just creators. Im sure you’ve seen some crazy headline by now “ 3 year old makes $7 zillion dollars from NFT collection” They’re everywhere, but is it true?…. Well yes, but it won’t last forever. At least not in the same light. People have made insane amounts of money on some pretty crazy stuff this past year but what goes up must come down, and when that happens is when the search for Quality NFT projects will deepen. People will spend more cautiously and creators will gain traction at maintainable rates. Not so much over night fame stuff, and that NOT a bad thing for all of us.

There are tons of ways to make money with NFTs

here are my top 3 favorite ways:
1. Flip NFTs ( purchase an NFT at mint for the cheapest price then re sell it as quickly as possible.)
2. Create NFTs ( make your own collection of NFTs and post them to your favorite NFT marketplace.)
3. Promote NFT Projects ( if you have a large relevant following reach out to NFT projects to offer promo.)

what nft mean

How does Vice x Virtue work?


1. We have a completely exclusive set of unique pieces to choose from. Our art will not be available for purchase on any other platform. Opensea will be used to host our NFTs but all purchases will be made on our site making your art and NFTs that much more rare.

2. We want to do our part in the “crypto-verse” by accepting some of our favorite cryptocurrencies! Complete your purchase using either USD, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin.

3. During your checkout process you will receive a prompt to enter the wallet address you want your free NFT to be sent to. Make sure and enter the correct address! Once the NFT is sent from our wallet to the one you provide the NFT is no longer in our possession.



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